RESI-FRAME Lightweight Frame Scaffold

New RESI-FRAME is a truly lightweight steel Frame Scaffold system that has been fully tested and approved by Workcover and certified Heavy Duty (suitable for bricklaying) to a height of 10 meters with 6 levels of metal planks including 1 working platform rated as heavy duty in accordance with AS/NZS 1576.3:1995 clause

Our RESI-FRAME is a lightweight, affordable, easy to erect alternative to aluminium scaffold and is ideal for Home Renovators, Painters, Builders, Bricklayers, Roofers and in fact anyone requiring a simple, safe, cost effective work platform.

• 980 mm wide (4 planks deck) with a further 2 plank or 1 plank hop up available (for use up to 10 meters)

• 1800 long bays can be connected horizontally to provide any length required and can connect to wrap around corners or just provide a single scaffold tower

• Different platform heights are achieved by using different combinations of frames simply placed on top of each other with joiner pins connecting them (see example)

• The main feature of this system when compared to other Frame Scaffold systems  is the  new extra light frames making erection, transport and storage safer, easier and  more cost effective.......please feel free to come to our yard and feel the difference!
As an example our 1800 high Resi Frame weighs just 14.7 Kg  and other Standard Frame Scaffold  units of the same height weigh about 22Kg......that's a big difference!
This reduced weight makes RESI-FRAME the ideal scaffold for use in our Scaffold Trailer Packs  which we can customise to suit your needs.

RESI-FRAME is available as 915mm, 1525mm and 1825mm and 2125mm high Frames and one cross brace fits all frames.
These units together with 300 and 600 extension legs and in combination with 450 mm adjustable screw jacks give total flexibility in achieving different deck heights and overcoming sloping ground issues.

  Resi-Frame TM

  Spectro Analytical Laboratories
  (NATA Apporoved)

  AS/NZS 1576:1-3:1995
  AS/ 1577-1995

  The National  Association of Testing  Authorities (NATA) is  Australia's national laboratory accreditation authority