Rapid Scaffold Tasmania now supplies a new light weight Adjustable builders Prop  our new.....RESI-PROP
This adjustable builders prop is a different take on the traditional Heavy "Acrow Prop"  weighing in at only 11 Kg extending from 2000 to 3200mm  and with a Safe working Load (SWL)  of 900 Kg when Fully extended , SWL 1200 Kg at middle extension and over 2000 Kg in closed position.

*NOTE: These figures are based on a safe working load factor of 2 and were obtained using the "out of plumb test"  by Spectro Analytical Labs Ltd

Resi-Prop under beamRESI-Prop  at 2.0 meters (Safe working Load over 2000 KG)RESI-Prop fully extended to 3.2 Meters (Safe Working Load  900 KG)